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Kelowna Map | McKinley Landing

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Kelowna Area | McKinley Landing

Directions from Southern Alberta, etc.

  • Take HWY 1 West to Sicamous, B.C. and turn left(south) onto Hwy 97A.
  • Continue south on Hwy 97a towards Kelowna, traveling through Enderby, Armstrong, Vernon (when it becomes Hwy 97), Oyama, to Winfield. (Oyama and Winfield are part of the municipality of Lake Country). (about 2 hrs total time)
  • Turn right(west) on Glenmore Rd at the second traffic light in Downtown shortly after you pass the Esso station on the right(west) side of the highway. There will be a Shell station on the left(north east) corner of this intersection.
  • Follow Glenmore Rd. Up a short hill and turn Left just after the car dealership on the right(still Glenmore Rd.)
  • Continue south on Glenmore Rd for about 7 minutes. When you see a yellow highway sign indicating an intersecting road to the right (west) prepare to slow down because this marks McKinley Rd. Turn right(west) onto McKinley Rd.
  • Follow McKinley Road Directions Below.


Directions From Hwy 97C (Coquihalla Connector Highway from Vancouver / Meritt)

  • At Merrit, you turn east off Hwy 5A (Coquihalla Hwy) onto Hwy 97C (Okanagan Connector).
  • At the end of the Hwy 5A / 97C junction exit, turn left(west) at the light and head up the hill on 97C.
  • Stay on this highway for about 90 minutes. You will reach the Hwy 97C/ Hwy 97 junction. Keep left to go north on Hwy 97 towards Westbank and Kelowna (if you turn right you will go on Hwy 97 to Peachland, and Penticton).
  • Stay on Hwy 97 heading north towards Kelowna. Drive through Westbank and then a series of lights through the Westbank First Nation properties. Once over Okanagan Lake bridge (approximately 10 to 15 minutes from Westbank, or more depending on traffic conditions), you will reach downtown Kelowna.
  • Continue on Hwy 97 (Harvey Ave) for about 5 to 10 minutes (through a number of traffic lights) and turn left (north) at Spall Rd. (Chevron station on left - see directions from downtown Kelowna below)
  • Turn Left (west) on McKinley Rd (Follow McKinley Road Directions Below.).


Directions from Osoyoos Border Crossing Penticton (Hwy 97)

  • Once in Osoyoos, continue north on Hwy 97 through Oliver, Okanagan Falls, Penticton, Summerland, Peachland, Westbank, and proceed over Okanagan Lake Bridge (3 lane floating bridge) into Downtown Kelowna (about 2 hours total time).
  • Turn Left(north) at Spall Rd. (see directions from downtown Kelowna below)
  • Turn Left(west) on McKinley Rd (Follow McKinley Road Directions Below.)


Directions from Highway 3/33E (Grand Forks, Rock Creek, Beaverdell, Big White Ski Resort)

  • Stay on Highway 33 until you hit the city.
  • Go through the Black Mountain and Rutland areas of Kelowna until you reach the Highway 33/97 intersection. Costco/Chevron Station will be on your left(south).
  • You have the option of turning right or left.
  • If traffic on Highway 97 is heavy, we'd recommend you turn right (north) on Highway 97 and continue past Leathhead, McCurdy, etc. until you get to the Sexsmith Rd. intersection referred to in the directions from the Airport (Green Mowhawk gas station with Tim Hortons on the left (south west corner).
  • Turn left (west) on Sexsmith Rd. and follow the "from the Kelowna International Airport" directions from Sexsmith Rd. on.
  • If traffic on Hwy 97 isn't too bad, then turn left (south-west) on Highway 97
  • Continue on Hwy 97 (Harvey Ave) south and then westbound through a number of traffic lights (Baron, Leckie, Dilworth, Cooper) and turn right (north) at Spall Rd. (Esso station on left - south east corner and Chevron station on right -north west corner)
  • Follow directions from downtown Kelowna below and turn Left (west) on McKinley Rd (Following McKinley Road Directions Below).


Directions from Downtown Kelowna

  • Turn north off HWY 97 (known as Harvey Ave. within downtown Kelowna) onto Spall Rd. (Spall Rd. becomes Glenmore Rd. approximately 1km north at the Bernard Ave. intersection - 2nd light from the highway).
  • Continue on Glenmore road for about 10 minutes. Proceed 1 km past the city landfill entrance(on the right).
  • Turn Left on McKinley Rd (Follow McKinley Road Directions Below).


Directions from Kelowna International Airport

  • Kelowna has an international airport. There are a number of Car Rental agencies at the terminal. If you are flying in and rent a car this is how you get to the suite:
  • Leave the airport and turn left (south) on Hwy 97 at the airport entrance intersection and continue southbound on Hwy 97 for about 5 minutes.
  • Turn right (west) on Sexsmith Rd., which is the third light you reach on the highway after leaving the airport. There is a green Mowhawk gas station and a Tim Horton's restaurant on the south west corner of this intersection.
  • Continue west on Sexsmith for 3.0 km, driving past a number of side streets, up a twisty hill, around a couple of bends until you get to the Valley Rd. intersection.
  • Turn right (north) onto Valley Rd. and about 0.4 km later, just past the playing field and firehall on your left, turn left (west) on Scenic Rd.
  • Continue on Scenic Rd. for about 1.2 km, then turn right (north) at the end of Scenic Rd. onto Glenmore Rd.
  • Continue north on Glenmore Rd. In about 2.0 km you will see a traffic light for a condo development and for the road to the landfill (which will be extended to connect to UBC and the airport towards the end of 2016).
  • Continue past the light on Glenmore for another 2.3 km and then turn left (west) onto  McKinley Rd.
  • Follow McKinley Road Directions Below.


McKinley Rd. Directions

  • Continue west on McKinley Rd for about 5 minutes, driving past Shayler Court (1.8 km on the right), past Arthur Rd  and Arthur Ct (3.0 km.). At the bottom of the hill on McKinley (3.5 km.) turn right at the Y intersection continuing downhill on Dewdney / Dubbin Rd.  You will pass under two tennis courts above and on your right.
  • About 0.2 km. turn left at the community mail box onto Dewdney Rd.  (note Dubbin Rd continues straight on). Follow Dewdney Rd about 0.5 km to 2200 Dewdney Rd. (Driveway address numbers will be descending).
  • Our paved driveway has a white lamp post and a large vertical stone at it's entrance.  The descending driveway has a rock wall along its left side. You will see plants and trees ahead but you will not see the house until you complete the right turn. Park in front of the right hand garage door.  The path to your suite is around the right side of the house.